February 5, 2013

Local Mom takes on Procter & Gamble - and Wins!

by Lori Popkewitz Alper
I started a petition over at Change.org demanding that Procter and Gamble (makers of Tide) strip a harmful cancer-causing chemical out of Tide Free and Gentle®.
The petition went viral.
Over 78,000 people signed, demanding that Procter and Gamble change the formulation of their Tide laundry detergent. After almost a year, Procter and Gamble realized they could no longer ignore our concerns.
Procter and Gamble agreed in a California court to reformulate its detergents to reduce levels of 1,4 dioxane by September of 2013!

Here is Lori's Appearance on ABC News Boston - http://youtu.be/8gSf2OxE1QM
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