February 5, 2013

Green Teams save Post Office $76 Million

The US Postal Service saved $52m last year by reducing its consumption of energy, water, and other resources, while generating nearly $24m in revenue through a range of recycling initiatives.
The financial gains included nearly $12m in vehicle fuel cost avoidance, more than $10m in facility energy savings, water savings worth just under $1m, and a decrease in supplies spending of almost $4m. In addition, recycling more than 253,000 tons of material helped the organisation save more than $25m in landfill fees.
The information was published late last week as part of an update on the Postal Service's progress against a range of 2015 sustainability targets, including goals to reduce energy use 30 per cent compared to 2003 levels, cut water consumption 10 per cent against a 2007 baseline, and recycle half of the solid waste produced by the organisation.

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