January 22, 2013

Surprise: Boston in top 5 most bikeable cities in US

Walk Score, a site that calculates the walkability of any location in the U.S., has now rated the bikeability of U.S. cities. The site ranks cities out of a score of 100, where 90 to 100 means "biker's paradise" while 50 to 69 means "bikeable" but not fantastic. The score is calculated by taking in various factors, including the number of bike lanes, hills, road connectivity, and the number of bike commuters.

The top five most bikeable cities in the U.S. include Minneapolis (79), Portland (70), San Francisco (70), Boston (68), and Madison (67). At the bottom are Pittsburgh (39), Fort Worth (38), and Cincinnati (37), while New York ranks somewhere closer to the top with a score of 62.

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