January 22, 2013

Religious Leaders: God Calls Us to Heal the Earth

Science and religion went hand-in-hand as leaders from both worlds gathered in front of the White House to protest what they cast as government inaction on climate change. 

"This gathering today is to affirm that God has gifted us in many ways, one of which is a good mind to figure out how things are going," said Bob Coleman, the chief programming minister of the Riverside Church in New York City.

With record-breaking global temperatures in 2012severe droughts and several storms and hurricanes on the East Coast, some members of the American clergy are saying that human decisions that contribute to the extreme weather associated with climate change can no longer be left in the hands of politicians.

Promoting an awareness of climate change and the role of humans as stewards of the earth has become a popular theme among progressive religious congregations. Even the climate skeptics in their ranks, some said, are starting to realize that something strange is going on. [NY Times]
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