January 8, 2013

NY State buildings must improve efficiency by 20%

New York state agencies have been ordered to increase the energy efficiency of their buildings by 20 per cent over the next seven years. Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a state order in the last week of 2012, accompanied by a new implementation program called "Build Smart NY", which he branded "a financial and environmental win-win for New Yorkers".

It should see the largest, least efficient buildings upgraded first, with comprehensive whole building retrofits expected to see the installation of new energy efficient LED lighting, HVAC systems, and automated energy management technologies.

The New York Power Authority (NYPA) has committed $450m in low-cost financing to support the initiative, and the governor's office said most of the projects covered by the program would not result in any upfront cost to government agencies as they will be able to repay the loans through the resulting energy savings.

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