December 13, 2012

An Ice Free Arctic - Coming soon

This summer, the Arctic lost an area of sea ice equivalent to the state of Maine every day for a month. When the meltback was over in September, the Arctic shed an area of ice the size of Canada and Texas combined — a 40 percent decline over the historical average.
And just last month, scientists reported that the pace of ice loss in Greenland is five times greater than it was in the 1990′s, a development they called "extraordinary."

That's where James Balog, star of the new film Chasing Ice, comes in.  After personally witnessing the melting of glaciers on an assignment for National Geographic, he started a groundbreaking project to document the demise of the world's ice. Called the Extreme Ice Survey, Balog and his team put 27 cameras in place around the world and have taken pictures of glaciers every hour of daylight since.

Watch Chasing Ice. Bring your family, bring your friends, watch it on the big screen if you can. It will fill you with awe for the beauty of ice, admiration for the tenacity of Balog and his crew, and terror at the scale of changes we're creating on earth.

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