April 24, 2012

Environmental News

E.P.A. caps benzene, hexane, and methane emissions at Gas and Oil Wells - http://nyti.ms/I1hhz1

Jellyfish population on the rise, perhaps due to global warming and pollution http://bit.ly/I1hPVB

Holy Hail! Photos, Videos Show Texas Storm's Fury; Drifts 4-Feet Deep : NPR - http://n.pr/HTrC0Z

Americans Link Global Warming to Extreme Weather, Poll Says - NYTimes - http://nyti.ms/Ic2vXw

BP Oil Spill Panel Faults Congress for Inaction - NYTimes - http://nyti.ms/Ic2Glx

Beetles' Birth Explosion Puts Pine Trees Under Stress - NYTimes - http://nyti.ms/Ic3qXG

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Headed Up Again - NYTimes http://nyti.ms/Ic3BST

American Corn Growers Speak Out on Climate Change Report - We're on the frontline of global warming - http://bit.ly/HSIUsj

Republican Meteorologist Speaks out again - "Extremes are becoming more extreme. And none of it has anything to do with Al Gore." http://buswk.co/HSJSVA

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