April 13, 2012

Environmental News Summary

E.P.A. Sets Greenhouse Emission Limits on New Power Plants - http://nyti.ms/HksPfA

The EPA will limit CO2 emissions to 1,000 pounds per MWh for new power plants - a standard that will be very difficult for new coal plants to meet, but is easily met by new natural gas plants. Existing plants were not affected by the new rule. 

When a Parking Lot Is So Much More - Rethinking the parking lot - A NY Times Op-Ed http://nyti.ms/HkxJsZ

A better parking lot might be covered with solar canopies so that it could produce energy while lowering heat. Or perhaps it would be surfaced with a permeable material like porous asphalt and planted with trees in rows like an apple orchard, so that it could sequester carbon and clean contaminated runoff.

Edible Schoolyard Project Introduces Web Site - http://nyti.ms/Hf38A7
A new social Web site shares the lessons and best practices of school gardens and lunch programs in the hope of supporting start-up gardens around the globe.

Court Reverses E.P.A., Gives Mountain Top Mining Project the Green Light - http://nyti.ms/Hf4hYq

Gulf Dolphins Exposed to Oil Are Seriously Ill, Agency Says -  http://nyti.ms/Hf6C5G 
Dolphins in Barataria Bay off Louisiana, which was hit hard by the BP oil spill in 2010, are seriously ill, and their ailments are probably related to toxic substances in the petroleum, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Nine of the country's largest utility companies pledged to support the White House's Green Button program by making information on energy usage available to their customers. The announcement came on Thursday during an event at Ohio State University where several of the utilities' chief executives appeared with the president.

US Solar Installations double in 2011 - http://nyti.ms/HkClhE
System prices fell 20 percent because of cheaper components (the average price of a panel dropped 50 percent), more options for financing, better installation methods and the shift to larger arrays. 

Cornell Study Warns Economic Damage in a Keystone XL Pipeline Spill will far outweigh any benefits - http://nyti.ms/HkDhSZ
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