February 12, 2012

A Generosity Experiment

What if we gave up saying No?
What if we gave up our negative attitudes towards others and we gave up making negative comments about others?

What if we made a commitment to say Yes when we were asked for help?
What if we made a commitment to be generous with our time, our money, and our talent?

What if when a person at work asks us for help, we said Yes.
What if when a homeless person asked for some money on the street, we said Yes.
What if when someone whispers negative thoughts about our co-worker, friend or family member, we respond by reminding them of the good side we see in both the person making the comment and the person being discussed.

What if we looked for opportunities each day to celebrate and share with others the generosity of spirit we have seen in others?

What if we practiced being more generous? Perhaps we'd find that this habit would fill our life with joy, so much so that we would making a lasting change in our lives. Perhaps we would find our lives and the lives of the people we touch, changed for the better.

Inspired by Sasha Dichter


Sasha describes his amazing generosity experiment starting at 3:48 to 7:20 in the video
And then finishes the story about his generosity experiment at 14:30 to 15:40 in the video
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