February 1, 2012

California approves new low carbon car standards

Manufacturers will be required to cut average carbon emissions to 166 grams per mile by 2025, an improvement of 50 per cent on current levels and 34 per cent on expected 2016 levels.
They will also have to cut emissions of smog-forming pollution by an additional 75 per cent on anticipated 2014 levels.
In order to help ensure the standards are met manufacturers will have to comply with a Zero Emissions Vehicle (ZEV) regulation that will require over 1.4 million zero emission cars and trucks to be on the state's roads by 2025, while the state has also committed to ensure supporting refueling infrastructure is built for electric and hydrogen cars.
According to ARB, the rules will save Californian drivers $5bn in operating costs by 2025 with each driver saving an average of nearly $6,000 in reduced fuel costs over the life of a car. The standards are also expected to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 52 million tons by 2025, equivalent to taking 10 million cars off the road for a year.
California has historically set vehicle emissions standards that other states have chosen to follow. Currently 14 other states, have adopted California's smog emissions standards and 10 states have adopted its previous clean vehicle standards, fueling hopes that a number of states could pick up the new standards.

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