June 30, 2011

Latest Congressional Action on the EPA

A new bill from Fred Upton's energy committee requires the EPA to choose the "least burdensome" regulatory alternatives available for industrial boilers. 

The bill would require EPA to choose the "least burdensome" regulatory alternatives that are available, while choosing limits that "can be met under actual operating conditions consistently."

"There's not a single word in this bill that better protects public health or air quality," Walke said. "At best, this legislation is completely unnecessary because the administration has already delayed the rules, and at worst -- in reality -- it's a sweeping attack on the safeguards in the Clean Air Act."
Click here (pdf) to read the bill.
In another attack on the EPA, a House committee approved a fast-tracked bill that would shift regulatory powers over water, wetlands and mountaintop-mining regulation from U.S. EPA to the states.

"Their attempt to hijack the Clean Water Act, roll back many of its provisions and undo 40 years of progress in cleaning up the nation's waters opens up new avenues for polluters to make Americans sick, dirty our waterways and further line their pockets at the expense of the taxpayer," Hopkins said in a statement after the vote.

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