June 1, 2011

Green Roofs - Raising Revenue, Cutting Costs

largest rooftop

East Japan Railway (JR East) Group announced that it opened a rental farm named "Soradofarm Lumine" on the rooftop of the Lumine Ogikubo Building. The farm is about 535 square meters (including pathways) and is the largest rental rooftop farm on commercial buildings in Tokyo.
This rental farm allows people who rent farm plots to enjoy contact with soil and plants in the urban area by working to cultivate fruits and vegetables. They are also places for socialization and relaxation. In addition, because the rental farms are located on commercial buildings, people farming the plots can conveniently go shopping after their farm work.
As part of its environmental activities, JR East Group has promoted rooftop gardens on its shopping malls, office buildings and station buildings to mitigate the urban heat island effect and to save energy consumption on air-conditioning. The group has been in the rental farm business since 2009 and has opened "Soradofarms" on the JR Ebisu Building and near JR Toda Station.

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