June 16, 2011

Dracula in a set-top box

Imagine pulling into your parking space and just hopping out, leaving the car idling all day while you're at the office.
As ludicrous as this may sound, most Americans are guilty of a similar squandering of energy when it comes to their set-top TV boxes. A new study released on Tuesday by the Natural Resources Defense Council shows that set-top boxes in the United States consume nearly as much energy when not in use as when they are on, costing a cumulative $2 billion a year.
According to the report an HD-DVR set-top box combo consumes 446 kWh of electricity a year. I pay 17 cents a kWh. That works out to $75.82 a year - just for the electricity!

That's 2.5 times the electricity consumed by a 42" LCD TV! 

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