November 5, 2013

Electric Vehicles sales are up - Way, Way, Up

The amount of electric cars sold in America is up over 447.95 percent over where it was at this time last year. Those are the latest numbers as reported by EVObsession, which also show that combined sales of all-electric cars and hybrids is up 30.11 percent.
One of the big drivers here, unsurprisingly, was Tesla, whose sales rocketed up 8,056 percent this year, from 160 to 13,050. But sales of the Nissan Leaf have also shot up 208 percent, from 5,212 to 16,076. That's particularly encouraging. Unlike Tesla's admittedly fantastic high-end Model S, the Leaf is a realistic buy for the average American consumer. Its price is now down below $30,000, and can get below $20,000 with the help of tax credits. In raw numbers, total electric vehicle sales for 2013 are at 67,232, while they were just at 15,708 at this point last year.
Ford's combined sales of electric vehicles and hybrids are up 328 percent (from 15,708 to 67,232) and Toyota's combined sales increased 9.55 percent (from 247,878 to 271,538).
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