June 17, 2013

Mayor Bloomberg thinks it is time that NYC started composting

Mayor Bloomberg calls food waste “New York City’s final recycling frontier.” The Bloomberg administration is rolling out an ambitious plan to begin collecting food scraps across the city, according to Caswell F. Holloway IV, a deputy mayor.

Anticipating sharp growth in food recycling, the administration will seek proposals within the next 12 months for a company to build a plant in the New York region to process residents' food waste into biogas, which would be used to generate electricity.
"This is going to be really transformative," Mr. Holloway said. "You want to get on a trajectory where you're not sending anything to landfills."
The residential program will initially work on a voluntary basis, but officials predict that within a few years, it will be mandatory. 
Amazingly enough, the comments about this program in the NY Times are overwhelmingly positive. [NY Times]

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