May 19, 2013

Climate News

Shell Oil's CTO says that "the time of easy oil and gas is gone" as the drillers look for new technology enabling them to extract oil from extremely deep and scalding water in the Gulf. [Houston Chronicle's Fuel Fix]

Exxon will spend $4 billion to develop the "technically challenging" oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico. [Bloomberg]

Senator Lisa Murkowski is pushing the Interior Department to clearly and quickly issue regulations on Arctic drilling as spring starts and the ice continues to melt. [The Hill]

The American Petroleum Institute is pushing the EPA to slow down regulations on sulfur emissions from automobiles. [The Hill]

Progressive and environmental groups are pulling their Facebook ads over the revelations that Mark Zuckerberg's political group has been airing pro-Keystone and Arctic drilling ads. [Politico]

As hurricane season approaches, President Obama meets with electric utility officials today to discuss what everyone has learned since Sandy. [The Hill]

Vice President Joe Biden tells an activist that he he was in the minority in the Administration, but he agrees Keystone should not be approved. [Buzzfeed]

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