March 22, 2013

Jesuit response to climate change

It is well worth reading this Jesuit response to climate - "Healing A Broken World" - in light of the fact that the Catholic Church now has a Jesuit Pope. 

Here are a few thoughts and recommendations from the report. 

"The ecological crisis challenges our faith. It is the entire world, the one God put in the hands of humankind to keep and preserve, which is in real danger of destruction. This is not an apocalyptical message but a very real possibility if we stick to our 'business as usual' attitude and refuse to act with conviction and strength. The first victim is the Earth, the resources that it contains and that are destined for present and future generations. Special mention must be made first of biodiversity, the loss of which is irreversible and dramatically reduces the richness of nature. Next among the victims are the poorest of this world."

"It is difficult not to be confronted also by the implications of greed and over-consumption; by the use (and misuse) of natural resources and land; by the incredible generation of waste."


Sustainability should be a primary goal of our individual and collective activities.

Promote prayerful discernment in our communities and institutions to examine our lifestyle and work environment.

Generate environmental awareness to influence public policy both at the national and international level.

Seek deeper communion with creation and learning from other religious traditions.

Examine our pattern and levels of consumption and firmly commit ourselves to a reduction in consumption.

Make the establishing of right (just) relationships with creation a theme of prayer in our communities.

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