March 3, 2013

Becoming a demitarian

First, we were urged to become locavores - people who eat food from their local area. 

Now there is a new word to consider - "demitarian" - for people who eat half as much meat as usual. 

Eating less meat may be easier than you thought. In fact, most Americans ate significantly less meat 10 years ago, even less meat 20 years ago, and less again for each decade you go back in time. We eat 5 times more meat today than we did just 100 years ago. 

Americans eat 50 pounds more chicken per capita per year today when compared to the 50's. We eat 10 pounds more turkey, 5 pounds more fish and 12 pounds more beef per capita per year than we did in the 50's. [USDA Factbook] [USDA ERS]

"Eat meat, but less often – make it special," he urged. "Portion size is key. Many portions are too big, more than you want to eat. Think about saying, 'I like the taste, but I don't need so much.'"

By filling plates with vegetables as well as the meat, people will be better nourished. "Most people don't notice," he said, citing a recent event at which the chef used less meat and more vegetables.

Both you and our planet will be happier and healthier. [Guardian]

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