July 15, 2011

Japanese PM calls for nuclear free Japan

Prime minister Naoto Kan said on Wednesday that the Fukushima nuclear crisis had convinced him that Japan should aim at a society that does not depend on nuclear energy and eventually has no atomic plants.
"Given the enormity of the risks associated with nuclear power generation, I have realized nuclear technology is not something that can be managed by conventional safety measures alone," Kan told a news conference.
"I believe we should aim for a society that is not dependent on nuclear power generation."

In related news - Radioactive Japanese beef had been shipped across the country and most probably eaten.
Meat from the farm was found to be contaminated with up to six times the legal limit of caesium and the farmer has since admitted he fed the animals straw exposed to radioactive fallout.
Fukushima prefecture officials said the farmer had stated in a questionnaire that the cows had not been fed contaminated straw, but tests later showed the straw contained caesium at 56 times the legal limit, Kyodo News reported.
The case has stoked concerns about food safety, more than four months into the ongoing Fukushima nuclear crisis, after high readings have also been detected in some green vegetables, seafood and green tea.

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