July 17, 2011

Heat wave coming for most of the country

There is a 40% chance that the temperature will exceed 115 degrees F in Minneapolis on Monday! 

The stage is being set for a massive heat wave to develop into next week as a large area of high pressure is anticipated to circulate hot and humid air over much of the central and eastern U.S. Maximum heat index values of at least 100°F are likely across much of this area by the middle of next week, with heat index values in excess of 110°F possible over portions of these areas.

With a dangerous heat wave building from the southern Plains into the Upper Midwest through the middle of next week, it's important to recognize the symptoms of heat disorders — from sunburn to heat cramps to heat exhaustion to heat stroke — and know what to do. Please be sure to stay informed and help spread the message to your family, friends and neighbors — especially the elderly — who live in affected areas. 

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