August 25, 2014

Environmental News Digest

Mercury Levels In The Ocean Are Now 3 Times Higher Than Before The Industrial Revolution - Largely the result of burning and mining coal 

Drilling Company Owner Gets 28 Months In Prison For Dumping Fracking Waste Into River

New Study Finds Tornado Outbreaks Could Have a Climate Change Assist -

Watch John Holdren's (Obama's Science Advisor) excellent 3 minute video on the link between wildfires and Climate Change - Very Powerful

Canadians Can't Drink Their Water After 1.3 Billion Gallons Of Mining Waste Flows Into Rivers

Tesla Trumps Toyota: Why Hydrogen Cars Can't Compete With Pure Electric Cars - 

Top PR Firms say - We Won't Work For Climate Denier Clients

Toledo Water Ban Lifted But Test Results Kept Secret 

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