May 15, 2014

Predictable Carbon Tax vs. a Wildly Unpredictable Climate Change Tax

Seth Godin suggests that when talking to businesses - we should be asking managers, owners, shareholders if they'd prefer a predictable tax on emissions or a wildly erratic and totally unpredictable tax on their businesses? 

Climate Change: The shift in our atmosphere causes countless taxes on organizations. Any business that struggled this winter due to storms understands that this a very real cost, a tax that goes nowhere useful and one that creates countless uncertainties. As sea levels rise, entire cities will be threatened, another tax that makes it less likely that people will be able to buy from you.

The climate unpredictability tax is large, and it's going to get bigger, in erratic and unpredictable ways.

Decreasing carbon outputs and increasing energy efficiency are long-term investments in global wealth, wealth that translates into more revenue and more profit

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