August 31, 2012

4 things you should know about the Romney Energy Plan

Romney announced his energy plan last week. Here are the highlights. 

1) Romney plans to remove all federal oversight of public lands including national parks, letting states set standards for oil, gas and coal extraction. 

2) $2.3 billion in additional tax cuts for the big 5 oil companies. By the way, the big 5 oil companies made $137 billion in profits last year. 

3) Romney opposes providing incentives for renewable energy and plans to cut the production tax credit for wind power. 

4) Romney has pledged to eliminate all Obama-era regulations on his first day in office including the mercury and air toxics pollution standards for coal power plants. Coal power plants are the primary source of mercury pollution in our country.  The Center for Disease Control estimates that as many as 1 in 6 women of childbearing age have high enough mercury levels in their blood to harm a developing fetus.

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