June 8, 2012

Renewable Electricity - Excellent Option for Massachusetts starts today

Viridian Energy has just introduced a 100% wind power electricity option for Massachusetts and it looks very attractive. 

It is a Green-e Certified wind product (the website says they use local wind power). 

The neat thing is that it costs (a tiny bit) less than buying conventional basic electricity from NSTAR. 

NSTAR's current power generation rate is $0.07982 / kWh.

Veridian's offering for 100% wind power is $0.0785 / kWh. 

By way of comparison - the NSTAR Green rate for 100% wind power is now $0.14307 / kWh.

They also provide a 20% renewable energy product. The way this works is that you would buy 20% of your energy from Veridian and 80% of your energy from NSTAR's basic service. 

The 20% renewable energy product comes from biomass, hydro and solar power sources. 
Veridian's rate for their 20% renewable product is $0.0572 / kWh. 

If you choose this option, your combined Veridian/NSTAR rate would be $0.07486 / kWh. 
That is only 5% less than buying 100% wind powered electricity. 

There is no cost to sign up and you can cancel the variable rate plan at any time with no fees. 
If you chose to sign up for the fixed rate plan, you'll get a fixed rate for 6 months. You can cancel anytime, but there is a $50 fee for canceling the fixed rate plan. 

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