December 12, 2011

Vampire Power

No - I'm not talking about Twilight... 

Toshiba introduced a TV that uses no standby power. It incorporates an Eco-Chip that stores enough power to respond to the remote and still provide an "instant-on" experience while using no standby "Vampire" power. 

Toshiba's Regza 32BE3 television, which will debut mid-December, includes a so-called "Eco Chip" that prevents the 32-inch HDTV from drawing any AC power after you mash off the power button on its remote.

Toshiba says its 32-inch Regza uses only 45kWh of power per year, 27 percent less than its 32-inch predecessor, the Regza 32A2, primarily thanks to its LED backlighting. LED-backlit LCDs are the most efficient TVs available today. Plasma screens, by comparison, use two to three times more power than an LCD to deliver an image of equal brightness.

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