November 28, 2011

You have choices now...

David Crane, the CEO of one of the nation's largest electric companies, has become a leading proponent of renewable energy.

"The fundamental issue of our day [is] climate change…. The people who were opposed to climate change legislation used one of two tactics. They either said, "Well, we don't believe it's happening." Which, of course, is just a bald-faced lie.

Or the second part of the one/two punch is, "We can't afford to do anything about it because a synonym for the word "green" is "expensive." But looking forward, electric vehicles will be far cheaper to operate than internal combustion engine vehicles. And solar panels on the roof will provide power more cheaply than taking power from the grid.

You don't just have to settle for using electricity in your house that is supplied by coal-fired power plants on the grid. And you don't just have to put oil that comes from the Middle East in your gas tank. You can buy an electric car. You can put solar panels on your roof. You have choices now….."

Excellent interview from a CEO who had to write off a $481 million investment in nuclear power after experiencing $4 billion dollars in cost over runs and production delays.  Solar is looking pretty good to him.

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