May 3, 2011

Obama stands for Clean Water - Brown Attacks League of Women Voters

This week the Obama Administration committed to preserving one of this nation's most valuable assets, and our public health, with an announcement that it would enact stronger pollution controls on millions of acres of wetlands and tens of thousands of miles of streams. 

Obama's national Clean Water Framework "outlines a series of actions underway and planned across Federal agencies to ensure the integrity of the waters Americans rely on every day for drinking, swimming, and fishing, and that support farming, recreation, tourism and economic growth," according to a press release by the administration.  These actions could prevent the dumping of mining waste and the discharge of industrial pollutants to waters that feed swimming holes and drinking water supplies.

Meanwhile Scott Brown attacks the League of Women Voters for holding him accountable for his vote against the EPA and the Clean Air Act. 

The League of Women Voters produced this 30 second video to highlight the implications of Brown's vote. 

Elisabeth MacNamara, national president of the League of Women Voters, said the video was intended "to spark a discussion about votes that let polluters off the hook and put our children at risk.''
"It's really a shame that Senator Brown does not understand that clean air is a public health issue,'' she said in a written response to Brown.
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