April 14, 2011

Bolivia's call to stop climate change

Bolivia's President Eva Morales and their Ambassador have been very active in explaining to the world recently why they can not sit back and agree to the level of GHG emissions which will lead to a 3.5degree rise in temperature . If it doesn't it basically becomes a desert .

Glaciers are melting , or have disappeared completely, crops are failing,the farmlands lack water and people do not have enough at work.

The impact of climate change is everywhere and evident. The country does not have a choice except to make this visible.

The video shows the impact and why Bolivia is standing up to developed nations at Cancun and why they stand on the brink of passing laws which recognise the importance of Nature, or Pachamama as an equal consideration in law. They are clear though that the fault is not with Pachamama but with the rich developed nations spewing out GHGs and changing the climate, jeopardising many countries along the way.
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