March 29, 2010

China and India agree to monitor GHG

China and India have now reaffirmed to important domestic audiences that they will that they will report their global warming emissions every 2 years, with the internationally agreed guidelines and transparency provisions defined in Copenhagen. 

So why is this so important from an environmental standpoint?  One of the fundamentals of any environmental policy is a three step process of knowing:
  1. Where you currently are (e.g., how good, bad, or ugly is your current environmental situation);
  2. Where you want to head (e.g., what are you trying to achieve in order to solve the challenge); and
  3. Where you are at various points towards your end goal – point 2 (e.g., in 2 years time are you making good progress towards your goal or not).
Creating a process to improve the assessment of progress.  Before the Copenhagen Accord, the world had an incomplete system of accountability and transparency.  
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