December 8, 2009

2000 to 2009 Hottest Decade on Record

Here is some background information for conversations with your friends who think the climate is cooling.

The World Meterological Organization released a statement today that says that there is no slowdown in global warming.

Here are some of the key points.

"The decade of the 2000s (2000–2009) was warmer than the decade spanning the 1990s (1990–1999), which in turn was warmer than the 1980s (1980–1989).

The year 2009 is likely to rank in the top 10 warmest on record since the beginning of instrumental climate records in 1850. The current nominal ranking of 2009, which does not account for uncertainties in the annual averages, places it as the fifth-warmest year. 

This year above-normal temperatures were recorded in most parts of the continents. Only North America (United States and Canada) experienced conditions that were cooler than average. Given the current figures, large parts of southern Asia and central Africa are likely to have the warmest year on record."
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